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It used to be that the post office would be the main hub of life for people in towns and villages. After all, this was the place where you would communicate, reach out to others, buy valuable items and have a natter with other people doing the same. Like many things in life, the role of the post office in life may have diminished but there is no doubt that a lot of people have many great memories from their time spent in the post office. In this light, you could make a comparison between the post office and bingo but it seems as though both are bouncing back to levels of former glory.

Play bingo while buying your stamps

In fact, if you live in Wearside, it appears that both bingo and the post office are bouncing back together. This is due to the afternoon bingo games that have been taking place in a post office. Yes, that may sound strange and perhaps not the best use of the limited space available but anything that can provide people with some fun and a social outlet has to be considered a positive thing. Matters are helped by the fact that Hetton post office has a bistro attached to the venue which provides a bit more room for bingo fun and games but it has definitely been a great idea.

Play bingo will paying your bills

The idea for the Wednesday afternoon bingo game came from the sub-postmaster Stephanie Reilly who was trying to think of an idea that would bring more people to the post office but would also be a fun way for people to spend their time. The problem with these ideas is that everyone is trying to come up with them so it can be hard to original but there is no doubt that Stephanie has hit upon a winning idea with this novel approach to providing something the community can care about.

The main prize of the game is a big box of Thorntons chocolate, which will always get people interested but there are also prizes of tea and cakes on offer from The Bistro as well. Having something tangible to play for is likely to be of great interest to players and anyone who usually uses The Bistro for food and drink will be delighted with the opportunity to dine for free!


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