Money & Greed Ends In Murder For Lottery Winner

It seems money can’t bring happiness to some people and one woman was murdered just because of it.  The incident happened in Australia earlier this year when a woman, Lou Devrell, was bludgeoned and smothered to death by a friend of her husband’s, their financial manager.


Mrs. Devrell had won the Oz Lotto in 1999 and this was a magnificent five million dollar prize.  Unused to this amount of cash, she and her husband entrusted the running of the money to a friend of Mr. Devrell who he had known for some ten years.  They had an interest in motorbikes which seemed to cement the relationship after they met.


The friend, Peter Kelly, was a finance manager and he seemed to be the obvious choice to look after the money when the lottery was won.  Kelly set up some financial arrangements for the couple which included a superannuation fund and some annuities to bring in a regular income.  However, what transpired after this was a list of failed investments that saw a loss of huge amounts of the initial sum won.


Evidence tended to the court showed there had been several spectacular failures in investments undertaken by Kelly with one being $600,000 and another being $350,000.  Both were investments in properties along the beach in Australia and in Fiji.


Other evidence put into court was the fact that Kelly persuaded the Devrells to give him power of attorney in the year 2000.  This gave him complete control over the bank accounts and spending ability of the couple and it is this kind of evidence that saw Kelly being arrested.


On the day the Mrs. Devrell was murdered, she had argued with Kelly over the loss of money.  Mr. Devrell had already left for a three day trip that Kelly was supposed to be going on too.  What he actually did was to bludgeon Mrs. Devrell with a rubber mallet before smothering her and leaving her body in the dining room of her home in Tamworth.  A friend and some family members found her in this condition and alerted police to what had happened.


Kelly carried on with the planned trip and met Mr. Kelly at the designated spot.  However, following some questioning by police, and a botched suicide attempt, Kelly admitted to the court that he in fact committed the murder.  Sentencing is due to take place at the beginning of November this year.
















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