Mecca Bingo Backs The Race Online 2012 Campaign

It seems a little absurd that here in the twenty first century, and given the plethora of cheap computers on the market, that nine million adults in the UK have no idea how to get online or how the internet can be of benefit to them!  To counter this, the government, with the help of digital champion Martha Lane Fox, has recruited 100,000 volunteers who will give up their time to teach those who have never tried using a computer.


Ms Lane Fox was appointed to her position in 2009 and it was her mandate to include four million citizens, from poor background, to get online before the Olympics next year.


This initiative, dubbed The Race Online 2012 campaign, is also being promoted by Microsoft which is producing a line of recycled computers at low cost so that more people will be tempted to buy them.  Prices for the computers are expected to be around £95.


Not to be outdone, Mecca Bingo in Crewe has also appointed its own digital champion to get their customers online too.  Peter Dillon is set to help others to access free internet training sessions wherever they live.


Mecca Bingo are certainly committed to the Race Online 2012 campaign too so are more than happy to aid in any way that they can.  Gill Clark, the general manager at Crewe, commented that with Peter’s help, customers will be informed about the internet and find out how it can aid them in day to day life.  She said that some people fear what they do not know, but Peter is there to dissipate this fear and show others what the internet is capable of.


The BBC is also keen to get in on the act and have started a media literacy campaign similar to Race Online 2012.  However, the difference here is that it is encouraging those who know what they are doing to help friends, family and neighbors with some quick lessons in a sort of pay-it-forward routine.


Since a lot of government forms are now available online, people really do have to learn how to access them and perhaps claim benefits, look for work or save on shopping by accessing sales etc online.  It is estimated that an average of £560 per household per year can be saved by simply shopping online or paying bills through the internet.  This must be a great incentive indeed, particularly for those who are less well off than others.


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