Hall For Bingo Players Fighting To Stay Alive

Community halls and centres play a massive role in the lives of so many but sometimes, people only think about its importance when there is an issue with a club. When things are going well in life, it is only natural to look at the positive things and not think about the worst case scenarios. This has happened to many people over the years and it is only natural that many people will want to focus on the good things in life but when it comes to a community centre, there is a need to support it through good and bad times.

Big loss for bingo players

For bingo players in South Tyneside, the Charles Young Centre located in Talbot Road in Simonside has long been an important place to play. However, the centre is currently looking at a bleak future due to the fact that it has lost £20,000 in funding from the South Tyneside Council. This funding has been received annually and has been essential in the running of the centre but obviously there are many things that a council has to look at these days. Community centres are integral and there should be more done to keep them operating but there is only so much money to go around and there is only so much money to go around.

People need a place to go

The centre is a real boon for the elderly in the district, providing services on five days and six evenings a week. Bingo is the main draw but there are plenty of activities going on including bingo, tea dances, sequence dancing and even carpet bowls. If the centre was unable to stay open there would be a big hole in the lives of many people and this is why the management committee of the centre have decided to work hard to try and raise funds to keep the club open. No one is under any illusions that it is going to be easy but it is certainly worth putting up a fight for.

Money has already started to flood into the cause with the local Rotarians providing £1,000 and the Co-operative Funeral care handing over £250. Every bit helps and when many people and firms are suffering tough economic situations at the moment, it is good that there is still support in the local community for a much needed place.


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