Drive-In Bingo Rides Again In Ireland

There are many things of the past which seem to be taking a nostalgic revival but there are not too many movie drive-in theatres making a comeback. There are some big name cinemas that would not take too kindly to the reintroduction of these ventures and you would find it a lot easier to smuggle in your own food and drink when watching a film. The quality of vision and sound with modern cinemas is something else and it has to be said, there is probably not the same amount of space that could be given over to running these events these days. This is without taking the weather into consideration so all in all, it is perhaps understandable why drive-in cinemas are not too common these days.

Play bingo from your own car!

However, for bingo players in Ireland, the return of Drive-In Bingo may be something that is worth looking forward to this weekend. Last June, the first ever Drive-In Bingo Session took place in Kerry at the back of the Castleisland Co-op Mart. The afternoon provided players with a prize fund of 4,000 euros and players came from near and far to get involved with the game. The event was a success and now that the weather is starting to take a turn for the pleasant, there will be another one this year.

The novelty lies in the fact that players can play from the comfort of their own car and there is even the chance to hear the numbers being called through your car radio. This should make it easier for players to get involved with the game and you wonder if the typical and traditional cries of House will be replaced by people tooting their horns in wild excitement. With a big amount of cash on offer again, there is definitely going to be something worth playing this weekend, with the bingo fun kicking off at 14.30.

With online bingo being so popular these days, it may be difficult to draw people into this sort of game with any great hope or promise but people are always looking to try something different. Given that the game last year was well received, you can imagine that there has been a bit of buzz in the local community about the event. This may be just the thing that will ensure people have a lot to enjoy this weekend.




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