Bingo Saves The Day For School Pupils

There is no doubt that bingo can play a huge role in the local community, providing support, financial assistance and a place to meet with friends. This means that even though the number of bingo halls may be dwindling, there is a large need for these halls to be kept alive. Community spirit is an important thing for any small local area and it is often something that is hard to define or notice until it is gone. However, it seems as though bingo halls are playing a bigger role in the community than most of us would think.

More and more class-rooms needed

Rising class-room numbers are forcing teachers and schools to look for make-shift class-rooms to ensure that all pupils can be taught safely and securely. Government figures forecast that this rise is set to continue in England over the next three years with an additional 455,000 primary school places being required. There is a larger number of four and five year olds beginning the school process, with an increase in birth-rates and increased immigration being cited as the reason for the upsurge. Labour have claimed that this is equivalent to 2,030 more schools having to be set up in England by 2015 to meet all of the demand.

Bingo is an answer

This has led many local councils to rent out accommodation and venues where teaching can take place. Brighton Council have already held talks with local bingo halls into using some of their rooms during the day. Some bingo halls have matinee games but if there is going to be a steady stream of income coming from the school authorities; it may be in the interest of the bingo halls to turn their space over to teaching during the day. No doubt there will be a lot of thought put into the final decision but in the current economic climate, anything which brings reliable money in has to be considered a positive aspect for any bingo operator.

No matter what solution is taken, local authorities will have to shell out a considerable sum of money to ensure that all pupils in their area will continue to receive an education. Perhaps the bingo games could also be introduced to encourage children to count? That may not happen but it seems as though bingo halls will have a crucial role in helping children get the most from their education.


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