Bingo Players Foil Plans Of Robbers

If you were planning a big robbery, it is fair to say that you would probably have your plan worked out to a large degree. To be honest, most people probably haven’t thought about committing robberies too often but in the current economic climate, it is easy to see why some people may think that this is the best way out of their current situation. These are tough times and sometimes people think that desperate measures are the only way to turn their life around. There are always other ways but you can see why some people would get themselves into a hole where they think this is a good idea.

Big bingo nights can be attractive

Unfortunately, this means that some people will go into this sort of situation without a carefully thought out plan, which can cause greater problems. Three robbers had a plan to steal money from a Mecca Bingo hall in Liverpool but upon finding that the club was full of bingo players, ended up fleeing in an aborted mission. You would think that the opening hours of the club would have been something that the robbers would have thought about when putting their plan together but it seems not.

Money is a huge draw

After all, you would think that targeting the club at the end of the night when the takings were in but there weren’t too many people around would have been the best time of night to carry out such a raid. The numbers of people in the hall at the time of the attack only led to the confusion of the situation, and ultimately left the robbers fleeing the scene without grabbing any money. This was a good end result for the bingo hall but some bingo players were startled by the incident.

One staff member has been left traumatised by the incident and a few of the members suffered slight injuries or shock but considering that the robbers were armed, the situation could have been a whole lot worse. The fact that the till drawers had no money in them definitely increased the frustration felt by the robbers with the number of members in the hall being the turning point in seeing them run off. Police are studying CCTV footage of the evening and are looking to continue their investigations into the whereabouts of the three men.

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