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Is Immersive Bingo The Way Forward?


For many people, bingo is more than enough to have them excited and enjoying what they are doing. The fact that bingo is such a simple game is one of the biggest factors in its popularity and if you start to tinker too much with the traditional game, many people will move away from the [...]

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Mecca Bingo Bringing A Fantastic Day


The Mecca Bingo site may be one of the best known bingo sites but there is no reason for resting on the laurels. In such a competitive industry, there is always a need to keep up the good fight and promoting yourself against other businesses and this means that advertising features and promotions are a [...]

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Bingo Caller Celebrates 102 Birthday


When you retire, most people look forward to having some relaxing times and hopefully getting some extra years at the end of your life. It is always sad to hear of someone working hard all of their life and then not getting a chance to enjoy a healthy retirement for at least a good few [...]

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Charity Group Can’t Provide More Bingo Games


One of the things about charity groups that is often overlooked revolves around the support and activities they provide to people who need it most. It is obvious why there will often be a focus on the financial side of life but for many people, it is the support or community benefits that they enjoy [...]

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Lotto Winner Still Plays Bingo


If you became an overnight millionaire, would it change your life? It is all too common for winners to say that it won’t change them but in the long run, if it is a large amount of money, it seems hard to think that it wouldn’t have some impact on your life. Even if it [...]

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Post Office Provides Bingo Games


It used to be that the post office would be the main hub of life for people in towns and villages. After all, this was the place where you would communicate, reach out to others, buy valuable items and have a natter with other people doing the same. Like many things in life, the role [...]

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Tesco Provides Extra Help For Bingo Fans


It is easy to criticise the role of big supermarkets in towns, villages and cities and if you have a personal interest in a smaller shop in the area, it is only natural that you will have a distrust of these major corporations. It may also be that you like the more simple way of [...]

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Wonder Woman Takes To Bingo


One of the things that is always astounding about the London Marathon is the amount of people you see running it in fancy dress. The idea of running 26 and a bit miles is bad enough for the vast majority of people but if you had to do that in a silly costume adding weight [...]

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Bingo Proposal Goes Down Well


In the current business climate, there are probably a lot of proposals for bingo halls and their short and long term future. Not everyone enjoys bingo and with the numbers of people attending the traditional bingo galls, there is often a problem when it comes to keeping halls open. This means that many of the [...]

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Bingo Pub Now Serving Up A Takeaway Treat


In the current climate, pubs have to be more about pubs, they need to be providing as much as they can to the local community. If people are just bothered about alcohol, the prices of drinks on offer at local supermarkets will be much more attractive than what is on offer in the local public [...]

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