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Community Group Needs Bingo Bus Support


It can be easy to take things for granted in life but there are some things that people really need and come to rely on. Able bodied young people can often get through life without a care in the world and even though not having a car can be a pain, it is certainly no [...]

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Byron Bingo Hall Hits 45


For most people turning 45, this is a birthday that is to be acknowledged and then swiftly moved over without too much cause for celebration. The major birthdays in life will always be celebrated but when you reach the halfway house between 40 and 50, most people are probably going to say that there is [...]

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Shooting outside Bingo Hall


Even though gun crimes are becoming a more regular feature in the news in the United Kingdom, it is still a massive shock when a story breaks or hits home. There is no doubt that knife crime and culture is a concern for many today but it has always been easy to say that gun [...]

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Wood Green Bingo Has Talent


Even though Dancing On Ice has now reached its conclusion, it seems as though there is no shortage of TV shows which will have players hooked for the forthcoming weeks and months. The Voice is the BBC’s new signing programme which is going up against ITV with Britain’s Got Talent. Both of these shows will [...]

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Hall For Bingo Players Fighting To Stay Alive


Community halls and centres play a massive role in the lives of so many but sometimes, people only think about its importance when there is an issue with a club. When things are going well in life, it is only natural to look at the positive things and not think about the worst case scenarios. [...]

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Drive-In Bingo Rides Again In Ireland


There are many things of the past which seem to be taking a nostalgic revival but there are not too many movie drive-in theatres making a comeback. There are some big name cinemas that would not take too kindly to the reintroduction of these ventures and you would find it a lot easier to smuggle [...]

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Another Fire In Edinburgh Bingo Hall


For the third time in a matter of months, fire fighters have been called to deal with a blaze at a disused bingo hall just outside of the city centre in Edinburgh. Twice in the second half of last year the Fountainbridge Mecca Bingo gall has been set on fire with the latest blaze being [...]

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Bingo Saves The Day For School Pupils


There is no doubt that bingo can play a huge role in the local community, providing support, financial assistance and a place to meet with friends. This means that even though the number of bingo halls may be dwindling, there is a large need for these halls to be kept alive. Community spirit is an [...]

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Bingo Workers Boost Charity Funds


Bingo is a great way to raise funds for a charity because so many people love playing the game. It can be hard for bingo halls to raise numbers on a weekly basis; the money is just not there at the moment but many bingo players will be tempted out to support a good cause. [...]

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Change Of Name For Bingo Hall


A change is as good as a rest they say and this is definitely the hope for bingo lovers in South Shields. For many years, loyal bingo fans have been trooping to the Majestic bingo hall, with the venue being one of the top places in the community. Bingo has always been big in this [...]

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