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10 Hour Bingo Bike Ride Pays Off


Even though bingo is seen as a great way to raise money for charity, a sponsored bike ride is also a good way to get involved and to raise funds for a worthwhile cause. Therefore, combining the two things is a sure fire financial winner and this is exactly the route taken by Mecca Bingo [...]

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Bingo Brings Church Hall Back To Life


It is easy to overlook the importance of a community sticking together and there are some areas that need assistance in this manner more than others. There are many parts of the UK, particularly inner cities, where it seems that people are happier on their own and not knowing who their neighbours are. This may [...]

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Buckingham Bingo Players Boost Charities


If you are looking to raise funds for a very good cause, you could do a lot worse than to run a charity bingo night. It has been proven time and time again that when players want to find a reason to come out, have some fun but do their bit for a good cause, [...]

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Jackpotjoy Take You To The Casino


The Jackpotjoy site is a great place for people who are unable to visit a bingo hall to ensure they have some bingo fun in their life. It has to be said that there are many reasons why people are no longer about to visit bingo halls, with a lack of local options, not enough [...]

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Inside Man Helped Bingo Raid


Many times when there is a major robbery, a lot of people instinctively think that it was an inside job. There is no doubt that a robbery can be made a lot easier by having someone on the inside who can let you in or out and give you information about where all the valuables [...]

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The Bingo Bus Is An Important Part Of Bingo Fun


As important as bingo is in many people’s lives, the bingo bus is just an important part of the bingo experience for many people. If you do not drive a car, you may find yourself frustrated at the lack of public transport in the evening, which could impact on your ability to get to and [...]

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New Look Bingo Is On Its Way


You can’t have failed to notice the impressive plans that Mecca Bingo has announced with regards to looking for new bingo venues. It seems that every major town and city across the United Kingdom has had people from Mecca looking at it to see if there is scope for a new bingo hall. Given that [...]

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Mecca Continue Their Hunt For New Halls


It seems as though the Mecca Bingo group are seriously looking to continue their dominance of the physical market. There were rumours through most of 2011 about the future of the Mecca Bingo group and whether it would be sold off but at the moment, it appears to be one of the most important elements [...]

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Strange Night For Bingo Player


Every so often you hear a story and your immediate reaction is that it could only have happened in America. The size of the country means that there will be a wide range of people going about their daily business, which opens up the possibilities for wild and whacky things to take place. However, there [...]

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Playgroup Gets To Play After Bingo Event


The generation gap between a toddler’s playgroup and a bingo evening mat be large but that doesn’t mean that the two groups don’t have a lot in common. It is probably fair to say that some of the grandparents or even parents of the toddlers in the playgroup are keen bingo players, so there could [...]

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