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Will The New Bingo Lingo Catch On?


Anything which can make bingo more modern and fresh has to be a good idea but it is not always going to be something that people will approve of. There are many traditional bingo fans that enjoy the calls that were used when they started playing the game and it may be that they do [...]

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Bingo Sessions Record The Brucehill Banter


Every local area or region will have dialect of their own and stories and tales which would not have hailed from anywhere else. It is often important to record these because language can evolve over the generations and if it is not properly recorded now, it may be lost to the generations that follow on [...]

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The Mayor Likes Bingo Charity Support


There are many different ways to raise money for charity and as Comic Relief shows, it is possible to have a bit of fun along the way while raising much needed funds. Of course, anyone who is a keen follower of bingo will be well aware that it is possible to raise a great sum [...]

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Bingo Boosts Village Hall Preservation Society


When it comes to all things quintessentially British, very few people have managed to capture it better than Ray Davies, the principle songwriter in The Kinks. Over a number of years, the lyricist managed to recreate exactly what Britain was in years gone by and indeed, still was in the hearts and minds of many [...]

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Out of School Care Club Boosted By Bingo


It is a common complaint that there is never enough for children to do these days and that more should be done to give them activities in the local community. Some people will find this ironic given the number of computer games and entertainment options that children can enjoy these days but there is still [...]

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Police Looking For 2 Men After Bingo Robbery


The current economic climate can see many people turn to a life of crime in order to make ends meet and to provide for their family. This is not to justify any crime that takes place but there is a situation at the moment where many people are badly struggling to stay afloat. Then again, [...]

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Bitchin’ Bingo Is Going Down A Storm


To the dedicated followers, there is nothing much wrong with bingo that a little bit more promotion wouldn’t fix. The simplicity of the game is one of the most important elements as anyone can take part. There is no need to understand intricate rules and having an in-depth knowledge of techniques and tactics isn’t likely [...]

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Super Kitchen Prize on XBingo


XBingo really likes to give its players something different every now and then and right now it is running the Out of this World bingo campaign.  Lucky winners in these games will be able to scoop up thousands of pounds buy themselves a brand spanking new kitchen.  The overall winner of the game will get [...]

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Golden Jubilee For Mecca Bingo


Mecca Bingo is probably one of the best known names in the bingo industry and this year sees them celebrating their fiftieth anniversary.  To commemorate reaching this substantial milestone, they are launching several promotions which range from great jackpots to free money for active members.   One of the promotions is five games per hour [...]

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Fire Burns Down Fountainbridge Bingo Hall


Fountainbridge is a strange area in Edinburgh in that it lies close to areas which are immediately marked out as being one thing or another. It is a pleasant stroll from Morningside, home of Maisie the Cat and people with far too much money and very little taste. It is also very close to places [...]

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