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Foxy Bingo Gives Footy Fans Their Fix


With Barcelona teaching Manchester United another lesson in football in the Champions League final at Wembley, most football fans will be gearing themselves up for a good few weeks without their favourite sport. The desperate out there may be prepared to watch the women’s world cup or the under 21 tournament taking place over the [...]

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Bingo Club Becomes a Brewer


In these tough economic times, people are probably tired of hearing how the death bell is preparing to ring for the traditional bingo hall. Yes, there has been a dip in the number of people going out to play bingo every night but when you think of how many alternatives there are in the modern [...]

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Dreams of Winning Euromillions Produces Impressive Ticket Sales


The Euromillions lottery from Camelot has been growing in popularity according to recent reports, as more and more aspiring millionaires become enticed by the huge rollover jackpots. Many people in the UK have been snapping up tickets for the Euromillions lottery resulting in impressive ticket sales, particularly when there is a rollover jackpot.   It [...]

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Lottery Funding Aids Treasured Sites


The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has released monies to some rather worthy causes of late and this will surely be a boon for a Yorkshire cathedral and a Victorian winter garden, one of the last remaining ones in the entire country.  In all, eleven million pounds is being pumped into several projects which mean a [...]

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US Government Targets Online Gambling Payment Processors


The US has rules and regulations about online gambling and states that its citizens and residents are not allowed to play bingo or most other gambling games online.  In fact, any online gambling sites which take deposits from US residents are deemed to be acting illegally and the Department of Justice (DoJ) is now taking [...]

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US Bingo Players Lose Funds Due To US Clampdown


US bingo players and indeed all US residents who gamble online are set for a tough time during the next few months. The US government is clamping down on operators who continue to accept deposit from US residents seizing domains and freezing bank accounts. Around five years ago, the US government passed a bill that [...]

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Online Gambling Addiction Increasing


It would seem that some governments are starting to worry about the kind of addictions that are overtaking people when they get hooked on online gaming sites.  Although people are not really aware of how big the problem is as yet, since a virtual explosion of new sites has come onto the market, it is [...]

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Bingo To Aid NHS


We all know that a good game of bingo can lift the spirits and bring a little excitement into our lives.  But who would have thought that the game that has been with us for decades could end up getting people out of  hospital beds and ready to go home?   Well, this is the [...]

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Philippine Bingo Under New Control


It would seem that bingo is becoming big business even in the Philippines.  So much so that the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) has had to step in and take over from Pagcor (Philippine Amusement & Gaming Corp) to keep track of how the proceeds are split up.   The supervision of the popular Bingo [...]

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Police Attacked Outside Bingo Hall


It would seem that the youth of today are getting a little bold in their attitude towards the police and will even attack them at the slightest provocation.  This was never more apparent than in an incident in Ireland when two women Gardai were attacked outside a bingo hall in Dublin over a year ago. [...]

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